Mile 862 - Mono Pass Trailhead

Hey Biedenbach's!

We were thinking of you guys during our lunch today. Let me start off by giving you some backstory...

Before Karrie & I started hiking we spent a lot of time planning food for the trip. We knew we would need to pack foods that would keep well, & cheese was one item we had a lot of questions about. So during one of our grocery store runs we asked an employee to give us some recommendations.

After about 45 minutes of conversing we had learned a lot about cheese. Most importantly we learned the harder the cheese the better it keeps. (We also learned that cheese is safe to eat even if gets oily or molds, as long as you scrape off the mold before eating it!) With all of that in mind we purchased a very firm cut of Aged Assiago cheese for a package that we would not receive for over a month. We packed it, shipped it, & crossed our fingers.

Well, we received that package yesterday & today was the day we would find out if it was any good. I'm more than happy to report that the Assiago was absolutely stinky & delicious! The combination of pepperoni, aged cheese, & an epic view of the Sierra Mountains made today my favorite lunch of the trip. As I raved about our meal Karrie started singing the Biedenbach Basement Cheese song. I told her that all we needed was a baguette & some roasted red peppers & we we would have a lunch that Uncle Denny would be proud of!

Other highlights from today included having our thru-hiker permits checked for the first time by a friendly Forest Service trail crew & hiking over Selden Pass. The view coming over the pass was one of the best yet & there's a photo of it in the front of this postcard.

We hope you are enjoying the summer weather & can't wait to see you guys in October. Love,

Jake & Karrie

18 miles

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