KARRIE'S BIRTHDAY, Juniper Tree Campsite - Mile 611

Hi Grammy and Grandpa!!

How are you? I hope your wrist is doing well, Gram. How's the business, Granpa? Mark told me you guys put Lucy up on the pole! I bet it looks great!

I have good news! Jake and I are alive and well and are now over 600 miles into our hike! This puts us only 100 miles away from the Sierras and over 1/5 of the way to Canada. We're loving every step.

Today, Jake and I celebrated my birthday. And since it was my day, I got the reins, no questions. First, we slept in! When we set off it was about 8AM, we gabbed like it was our job, and took the morning miles with ease.

About an hour into our hike we ran into Weeds, a lady hiker from Brooklyn. She had just seen a black bear head for her backpack, and even though she scared it off, she was glad to see us pass by--mostly to tell the story.

We hiked together for a while and took our first break, passing mile 600 soon after. Water has been scarce on the trail, but today we were greeted by a well flowing spring for lunch, and continued to cross streams until the end of the day.

By then, my birthday was the talk of the woods, all because Jake mentioned my getting-on-in-years in one of the trail registers. I felt like a celebrity.

We ran through a swath of burn area to find shelter in some low bushes from an approaching storm. The change in weather is going to be much appreciated.

I love you guys so much and miss you both a lot. Jake and I are excited to see you again.

Love, Karrie & Jake

P.S. Just think, 2600 miles for my 26th year!

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