Mile 633 - Highway 178

Hey Michelle!

How have you been? Are you enjoying life in Nor Cal? What are you up to?

It's been a while since I've given you a life update so you may not have heard that my girlfriend & I are attempting a thru-hike of the Pacific Crest Trail. The trip has been great, but lately our journey through the desert has been kicking our butts.

Today we woke up feeling a bit more optimistic because we knew it would be one of our last days in the desert. We were also in better spirits because we were hiking around some great people; a couple named Lotus & Old Spice & a woman named Weeds. All 3 of them are coincidentally from NYC, & that made me think of you. (I'm a little late on making connections since you're living in SF!)

Anyway, our morning went pretty well, but once the heat set in, we started dragging. Karrie & I knew we would cross a major road in the afternoon & if we were desperate enough we could hitch 37 miles down it to a town. It wasn't a stop we planned on making so it would definitely set us back on time & money, but it was an appealing thought...

As we neared the road I noticed a couple of tarps set up in a campground just off the trail. A sight like this can't help but make you hope for a friendly crowd that will invite you over to share a meal. Just then, Karrie shouted from ahead, "Jake! Trail Magic!" Upon hearing these words I went from crawling to trot.

We made our way down to the tarps to find out that a wonderful trail angel named Okie Girl had laid out an amazing spread of food. There were cookies, pop tarts, bagels, soda, beer, & chips; she was even working on preparing dinner for all of us! As we settled into the scene we realized some of our friends that we hadn't seen in months were also stopped here taking in the hospitality! It was like a huge reunion party.

Karrie & I decided 18 miles was good enough for the day & set up our tent in the campground. We spent the rest of the evening eating a delicious meal of pasta, corn, & brats while catching up with friends.

I miss you! Let's catch up soon!

Much love, -Jake (& Karrie)

18 miles

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