Spanish Needle Creek - Manter Creek

Hi Dowling Family!

I hope you are all enjoying the summer! I'm guessing Dan is taking advantage of the great weather and hitting the golf course often?

Out here on the trail, there are days when Karrie is feeling great, but I'm feeling tired. There are other days when I'm ready to hike big miles, but Karrie wants to take a break. Every once in awhile this amazing thing happens and we have a day when we are both "on." Today was one of those days!

We woke up early at the base of a mountain & climbed all morning. On our way up we passed a couple from Michigan going by the names Duck & Willin'. We were all excited about our Midwestern up bringing & after some conversing I learned that Willin' has a lot of family in Canton! I'm looking forward to talking with them more & maybe making some plans to meet up in Ohio.

Karrie & I continued on & despite the hills we were cruising and feeling great. We took an enjoyable lunch at a stream about 12 miles into the day. Since we were feeling so well we set a mental goal for 20 miles by dinner.

A few hours later we had achieved our goal & started cooking up a celebratory meal. As we ate, some of our friends passed us & said they were heading on to a creek another 5 miles down the trail. Our day had been filled with great mountain views & we now sat in the middle of a barren burn area. We decided it would be worth going 5 more miles to camp with our friends next to water. As we made it in we were definitely exhausted, but feeling content to be surround by good people and to have accomplished so many miles.

We can't wait to see you guys this fall! We're already talking about this year's Octoberfest! Love, Jake & Karrie

25 miles


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