Manter Creek - Kennedy Meadows


Congratulations on finishing another year of high school! A lot of people say Junior year is the toughest & I know it was for me! I hope all of your finals went well, along with the ACT you're taking.

Today Karrie & I made it to a town called Kennedy Meadows. I have been counting down the miles to this place for the last 10 days. It is a huge landmark because if you make it here you've hiked 700 miles & over 25% of the trail. It also means that the Southern California section is over & we don't have to hike through the unforgiving desert anymore! (YAY! Water!) The next section of the trail runs through the Sierra Mountains, which is said to be the most beautiful section of the PCT. We're stoked.

The "town" of Kennedy Meadows isn't much to look at, but it does have everything a hiker needs. There is a general store that holds packages, offers showers & laundry, & has a small grocery selection. Attached to the general store is a grill where hikers can satisfy their burger cravings; Karrie & I had 2! They also had their town potluck tonight, which was basically a homemade all you can eat buffet... I'm still recovering from all the food I ate.

Aside from the general store there aren't any other businesses in the town. There is a really nice guy named Tom who has computers set up for hikers to use & an outdoor projector that he lets us play movies on. Tonight the hikers opted for the movie Dirty Dancing. Of course! My one opportunity to see a movie, they decide to watch Dirty Dancing! I've already seen this movie more times than I'd like to admit thanks to you & mom, but I watched it again anyway. The hiker crowd comments made it extra entertaining this time around!

I can't wait to hear about all of your summer plans, like what colleges you're visiting, where you're working, & how many times a day you're going to ride in the paddle boat! Tell mom & dad we say "hello!" Can't wait to see you again!

Love, Your brother & Karrie

8 miles

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