Campsite near Thousand Island Lake - Tuolumne Meadows

Good morning Bruce and Linda!

Today Jake and I hiked to Yosemite! The terrain was a little rough at first, (what are the Sierras without a few passes, right?), but the last stretch was long and flat. As we came down from Donahue Pass, we followed a shallow meandering river all the way into Tuolumne Meadows, complete with a few grazing deer and a blue bird blue sky.

Dawn told me that this is where your cross-country bike trip began, Bruce. Good choice! I hadn't been here before today, and had no idea what made it the ideal location for a park, but I was eager to find out. We passed dozens of weekend backpackers--folks with big backpacks, brightly colored clothes, surrounded by clouds that smell like soap. All of these people can't be wrong!

Then it started to unfold. Gray jutting rocks, the size of buildings began to emerge, towering over large plentiful meadows. Large sequoias--bigger than most trees I've seen, are normal here.

We are heading to Yosemite Valley tomorrow to get a peak at Half Dome, El Capitain, and Bridal Veil Falls, but for tonight, this ice-cream sandwich, ahem... These two ice-cream sandwiches (they're called "It's-it's" from San Francisco. Have you heard of them?), and a good night's rest will do just fine.

I hope everything is well back home! I really need to hear Lethan tell your story again soon. It'll be an enjoyable and easy way to come back to this place before I make the trek again myself.

Lots of love to you and the family,


23 miles


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