Echo Lake Resort

Dear Grady Family,

This morning Karrie & I found ourselves in the town of South Lake Tahoe with a huge "to-do" list. Our goal was to get back on the trail at some point today, but first we needed to sew some clothes, mail our bear bins home, & pick up some more fuel from the hardware store.

During my visit to the post office I ran into Old Spice who told me him & his girlfriend Lotus were getting off trail. The two of them have been great company on the trail so I was really bummed to learn what had transpired, but in retrospect I am also just glad I had the chance to see him & talk with him one last time before he caught his flight back to NYC.

Before we had completely finished our list of chores we had a fellow hiker (who was in town letting his ankle heal) offer us a ride back to the trail. It was too good to pass up, so we took the ride back up to Echo Lake Resort where we figured we could still get a few things done at the general store before hiking.

Back up at the lake we saw a lot of familiar faces, some coming into town & some leaving. (Weebee, Tangent, Holstein, Jawbone, Yoga, Gourmet, etc.)

As we waited for our electronics to charge we met a gentleman named Michael. After having a great conversation with him, he invited us over to his family's BBQ. It was a large gathering & Michael introduced us to everyone; including his wife Kathy! Their names of course made me think of you guys! This Mike & Kathy were also wonderful & incredibly nice. They fed us tons of food: chicken, corn, baked beans, watermelon, apricot cobbler, fresh veggies, & cookies, & then they told us to take some with us! We traded information & they sent us off with good wishes & prayers of safety & success. We had a great time & the whole event reminded me & Karrie of our family get-togethers.

We hiked along side Echo Lake as the sun set. The cabins here are only accessible by trail or boat & have a great rustic look. We only made it a few miles in before we set up camp for the night feeling well fed & happy with the productiveness of our day. We're keeping our fingers crossed that it doesn't storm tonight & we can put in some solid miles tomorrow.

Can't wait to see you guys in October! Love, Jake & Karrie

P.S. Tell Ryan congrats on his great races! I can't wait to hear more about them next time we get together!

2 miles


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