Yosemite Valley

Hey Jeremy!

How's the training going brother? Karrie & I are both stoked about your qualifying for Vegas! Wish we could make it out there to cheer you on, but we'll be finishing up the trail in September. You know we'll be there in spirit though!

I was thinking of you today when Karrie & I took a quick bus ride down to Yosemite Valley. The PCT goes through some beautiful parts of the park, but misses the most well known section where you can see Half Dome, El Capitain, & Yosemite Falls. Since we weren't sure when we would ever be back in Yosemite, we decided to ride down to see it all. It was awesome; a bit touristy, but definitely worth seeing.

When you told me you hiked up Half Dome over the summer, I had no idea how huge of a feat that was! It sounds like quite the adventure! You'll have to tell me about it again sometime now that I have a little better perspective. I guess the Park Service recently started limiting the number of hikers on Half Dome to 300 people a day due to high traffic. A few thu-hikers were able to make the list & climb it as a side trip.

I was stoked to learn a lot about one of my personal heroes, John Muir, at the visitor center. The Yosemite, Sequoia, & Kings Canyon National Parks basically exist because of his efforts! Crazy. I can only dream of changing the world on that scale.

So what are your plans after you turn heads at the race in Vegas? We should make some plans to meet up again sometime soon!

I miss you man! -Jake P.S. Tell Annie we say "Hi!"

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