Richardson Lake - Middle Fork American River Headwaters


How's school?! Are you still in Louisville? Have you passed along the bicycle polo team to Kentucky, or any other progressive athletics?

I'm writing you in the middle of another one of my extensive athletics, out on the PCT! My boyfriend Jake and I are almost halfway done with our trek. I can eat like a killer whale, I've got calves as hard as bricks, and my clothes will never be clean again. It's awesome. we met a nice man, with a crazy wish. He told us he hadn't had a rainy day on the trail yet, and was honestly, looking forward to his first.

We, on the other hand, have had two too many. The first was in our first week. We woke up to a windy, chilling rain and exhausted ourselves hiking hard to heat up our internal motors. The second time, we hiked timidly through ruins of an arsen fire that in the mist resembled a post-apocalyptic zombie zone.

I appreciate variety. But rain?

Yeti, we remember rain in Maine. It only takes a day for it to get old, and cold. Wet socks, pruney skin, Never dry and always damp. We don't want to go back there, do we?

Today was beautiful--hot even. We climbed a few ski mountains, and had sick views all the way through. We made good miles, and felt healthy.

Then in the middle of the night, it hit. We were camped near the top of a ridge. Rain was spattering our belongings inside and thunder was vibrating the ground up through our toes. We bunched up our sleeping mats for extra insulation, and squatted in lightning position until we both had severe Elvis leg. To pass the time, in-between deafening strikes, we talked about other times we were caught in storms, and survived--trying to stay positive and distracted.

Finally, we heard the storm pass, and Jake and I looked at each other to confirm: This is not a dream. We are still alive!

At least, in the end, we have someone to blame, AND the flowers that I love so much got a little bit of rain. ;)

I miss you Yeti! When are we getting together next? Lots of love, Dipper

21 miles

#ThunderStorms #Rain #TahoeNationalForest

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