Middle Fork American River Headwaters - Peter Grubb Hut

Hi Grandpa & Grandma!

I hope you've both been enjoying your summer! I've heard the Ohio weather has been even nicer than usual this year.

Karrie & I had a very dynamic day today. We woke up to a short thunderstorm this morning followed by light rain off & on all day. Since it was only our 3rd rain experience so far on the whole hike we didn't mind it much.

Even with the clouds we had great views of Northern California. We crossed over 2 ski mountains & hiked along a ridge for 9 miles. Along the way we saw a lot of cool volcanic rock formations.

Around dinner time we hiked underneath Interstate 80! This was an exciting landmark for both Karrie & me seeing how it passes by both of our homes on the other side of the country. There is a rest area near this part of the highway, so we took advantage of their sinks & outlets. We called home, cooked dinner, & talked with I-80 travelers. (One kind truck driver even gave us some food! Possibly because he thought we were homeless... but hopefully not.)

After dinner we hiked another 3 miles to the Peter Grub Sierra Club Hut to sleep. Unlike the Appalachian Trail, the PCT generally doesn't have shelters for hikers to utilize so this was a special occasion.

We entered through the winter door on the second story by climbing up a giant wooden ladder. Inside we found a large space where hikers could sleep. On the first floor there was a wood stove & a big kitchen table. There was also a variety of magazines & journals scattered about the place. I came across one that was a collection of letters Peter Grub had sent his Grandfather in the late 1930's. In them he talked about various hiking, climbing, & skiing adventures.

I enjoyed reading them & of course felt moved to send you two a postcard about my adventure today. Maybe someday 75 years from now someone will read our collection of postcards & feel moved to write their grandparents as well!

Karrie & I can't wait to see you & the rest of the Dowling family in October! Love, Jake

21 miles

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