Spring Mile 1205 - Duck Soup Pond

Hello Star Family!

I hope your Summer is going splendidly! Have you made your trip up to Cooperstown, yet? Thank you for having me last time! It was so wonderful to relax and play with you. Now I'm hooked!

You guys got me addicted to puzzles and games. Now I buy thrifty board games by the dozen, and fawn over folks Boggle and Cribbage Sets. I even play when there's no one to play with!

And so, to the family who masters every game they play, and plays them everyday, I present: PCTopoly!

Jack-Y-Bean (Jake), GutFeeling and I enjoyed creating the latest version of Monopoly with a hiker twist. Our game has every hiker racing to get to Canada. Money is replaced with food items, with $1 Snickers bars all the way up to the $500 Moutainhouse. You go to town instead of jail, utilities include essentials like TP and fuel. Hotels are replaced with tents. And with four tents on a space you get an outhouse!

We spent an afternoon coming up with chance cards like, Tailgate Trail magic! Collect 5 Ramen" or " Surprise giardia. Go to town" and throwing around ideas to link pack weight to the number of dice each person can roll. We have lofty plans of creating this version to present to the PCT's lightweight and innovative gear challenge at next year's reunion kick-off, for fun. I hope we win, or at the very least get to play a couple rounds! ;)

I'm having a great time out here, and hiking North fast! To Canada!

Hope all is well! Love, Little Dipper (Karrie)

27 miles

#PCTopoly #PlumasNationalForest

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