Campsite Mile 1256 - Clear Creek Campsite


How are you, bud? We miss you! Jake and I are having a great time hiking in California. Do you know where that is?

Today, while we were walking, we had fun talking about our favorite movies. We don't get to watch movies very often out here. So we tried something else...

I have seen the movie Aladdin so many times, I have the whole thing MEMORIZED, from start to finish! So, I recited the whole movie (and I even sang all the songs) for my friends. Everyone really like it and said it was like watching the movie. It was a fun way to make the day fly by.

Do you think you could tell the story of Cars from memory? I'd love to hear it when I get home.

School is starting soon, are you getting excited? I love you and miss you, and can't wait to see you!


Aunty Karrie Later that day, Jake told us about Cool Runnings. "Fine, stay here on the island. We're going to Canada!"

23 miles


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