Wilmer Lake - Latopie Lake

Hey Chris!

It was great to catch up with you the other day! I'm glad to hear you're enjoying your summer fishing & working outside at the new golf course.

Well I told you I'd send you a postcard about an exciting day & today was about as exciting as they can be! When we woke up our campsite was swarming with mosquitoes so we decided to quickly pack up & hike a couple of miles down to Wilmer Lake to make breakfast. Karrie & I are usually talk while we hike, but in the mornings we try to be quiet incase we walk by people who are trying to sleep. As we rounded a switchback, Karrie stopped & pointed. I assumed she was pointing out a tent so I would continue being quiet, but as I scanned the trees I quickly saw that she was pointing out a huge black bear! This is this first bear of the trip & at only 50 yards away it was the closest I've ever been to one. In my excitement I let out quiet gasp, but that was all it took. The bear realized we were there & took off running in the opposite direction! I have never seen a living thing move so fast in my life. It tore through the woods leaving a thick cloud of dust behind it. So wild!

After making it down to the lake & eating some granola we started hiking again. The mosquitos started getting really bad so we picked up our pace. The trail was flat so we really cruised. We made it 12 miles before lunch & stopped to eat at Lake Dorothy. It was amazingly blue & we wet our feet in water as we ate.

Soon after lunch we began our climb up to Dorothy Pass. This pass marks the end of Yosemite National Park. We have spent the last 3 weeks in 3 different National Parks. We briefly celebrated the milestone but were antsy to get hiking again because had an even bigger one coming up... MILE 1,000! There isn't anything at mile 1,000, just a small bridge & the number laid out with sticks, but it is really exciting to make it this far. Thru-hikers often sing the song, "I would walk 500 miles, & I would walk 500 more..." for fun & irony at this point too! Haha

By 4pm we had hiked 20 miles for the day & made dinner near a stream. Since it was still early we decided to hike another 3 miles. On the way we came across our friends Ninja & Freestyle. Freestyle offered us some hot chocolate & told us about his hike across New Zealand. At the end of the day we set up camp on the side of a mountain with a beautiful view. Should be an excellent spot to see the sunrise tomorrow.

I can't wait to see you in October man! If it's warm enough still we can do some fishing, & no matter what the weather there will definitely be some card playing!

Keep being awesome, -Jake & Karrie

23 miles

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