How’s your summer going man!? Things are going well on the trail. Today Karrie and I spent the day in Ashland, Oregon. We stayed in the Ashland Hostel last night and I was stoked to use their kitchen this morning to make omelets! This is the first time I’ve been able to make an omelet since May, so I bought a load of veggies from the local co-op and cooked up omelets for Karrie, me, and a bunch of friends. I also found a tub of cookie dough in the “share” section of the refrigerator and destroyed it for breakfast dessert. Wish you were here to have some!

After breakfast we packed up & prepared to hit the trail once more, but we needed to make one last stop at the gear store for fuel. While we were there, a local named Scott asked Karrie, Gut Feelin, and me if we were through hikers. When we told him that we were, he told us we should go for a swim in his pool and cookout on his grill. It was a beautiful day and Scott seemed like a great dude so we decided to take him up on it. We had a blast.

After our swim we probably should have started hiking again, but instead we met up with our friends Minor, Action, and Only A Test where we saw a free show and somehow ate our 5th meal of the day. Only A Test, gave us a ride back up to the PCT, and after saying our goodbyes we night hiked a mile down trail and collapsed for the night. We had not planned on spending the whole day in town, but it was totally worth it.

If you ever find yourself driving up I-5 toward Portland or Seattle I highly recommend a pit stop in Ashland.

Keep on Keepin on brother, -Jake

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