Subway Cave - Baum Lake

Dear Rick & Linda,

Thank you so much for supporting us on our hike! Thanks to you & others Karrie & I now feel confident that we can make it to Canada both physically & financially.

Today Karrie & I took on a notorious section of trail known as the Hat Creek Rim. It's a 30 mile unshaded & waterless stretch that is known for its brutal heat. Hikers ahead of us told us "Just skip it. It's not worth the misery." We weren't down with skipping any of the hike, so we went to bed early last night & woke up at 3:30am prepared for the worst. We each packed 4 liters of water & started on our way.

The goal was to hike as far as we could before the sun hit us. We stayed in the shade until 7:30, & by 8:30 we were sweating bullets! We pushed on past a heard of cows & took an early lunch under the biggest tree we could find.

After lunch we caught up with 4 of our friends, who were all squeezed into a dome-like shelter made of sticks. Inside were chairs, about 25 gallons of water, & the man responsible for it all! His name was "Tread-lightly," & not only was he kind enough to build this shelter & fill it with water, but he also offered to slack pack us for 9 miles! (Slack packing is when someone takes all of your excess weight & drives it ahead for you. This way your pack is lighter so you can hike faster.) Since this was going to be our longest day yet, we jumped at the opportunity.

Well hydrated & lighter than ever we took off down the trail. We cruised through the next 9 miles with ease, & crossed the 1400 mile mark on the way! Around 5:30pm, we made it to the road where Tread-Lightly had hid our gear next to an empty cooler. At this point we had hiked 26 miles & figured we had earned dinner.

As we were eating, a car pulled off the road across from us & the driver asked if we wanted a drink. His name is Grasshopper & as it turns out he had come to refill the empty cooler! Two Trail Angles in one day! This is not at all a common event. We talked with him as we ate, & then he offered to drive us to & from town so we could resupply! We tried to decline, but he was so persistent in his kindness and we eventually gave in.

We were in & out of town in less than an hour, which had to be our quickest resupply yet! On the way back to the trail Grasshopper offered to slack pack us for the last 4 miles of the day too! Amazing. We hiked with nothing but a liter of water & a pint of sorbet. As we set camp next to a beautiful lake I found it hard to believe I had ever dreaded this day.

I can't wait to see you guys at Kyle & Kelly's wedding! I'm looking forward to hearing more about your road trip too!

Thanks again!

Jake & Karrie

30 miles

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