Crater Lake National Park

Red Stick, you're hired!

Thank you for our wonderful box of goodies! Unsurprisingly, you really know what a hiker craves. Peanut butter, gatorade, cliff bars... Neither Jack-y-Bean or I had ever seen a jar of nutella that BIG before (and it was devoured within 3 days)! What you sent us was perfect.

We began our day at Honeymoon Creek. It was 19 miles into Mazama Village from here, with one bad water source, so we loaded up for the trip. Recently, the temperature has dropped, which has definitely helped for some of these poor water sections of Oregon, but may also be a sign of an early winter.

The day was quick! We made it into the Mazama Store before 2 o'clock, and feasted! Your box got a lot of attention, and I'm happy to say that we were so well stocked that your package also fed a few others.

We finished up our day with 5 more miles to the Crater Rim Village where we could peer across the lake's surface. Have you been here? The sight was breathtaking. Not only it is gorgeous, but it drops off so suddenly, if you didn't know it was there you might miss it from less than half a mile back. It's no wonder one of it's discoverer's Hillman, almost went over the edge when he first happened upon the beauty.

We crept up on the rim, and snapped some shots as the sun was going down. Then we ran to the gift shop for a last minute bathroom stop before they closed, and grilled the concession stand staff on the history of the Lake. Some interesting facts: There is a helicopter at the bottom of the lake because the pilot couldn't tell in the reflection if he was flying up or down. And the lake has enough fresh water in it to give every person in the world one gallon per day for 10 years. Wow. The things you learn over pop and chips.

Tonight we're going to camp by the lake so we can see the sunrise tomorrow. Someone just asked me yesterday too what my favorite part of the trail was. I said the Sierras. If they asked me today I'd say this lake. Love it.

Thank you and Tatyana again for thinking about us out here. I hope that the two of you and your newborn babe are in excellent health and are happy.

Lots o Love, Dipper

24 miles

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