Mile 2024.6 - Olallie Lake, 29 miles

Turned out that Jake picked one of the worst nights to have a damp sleeping bag. He slept for the first part of the night but as the temperature dropped over the course of the night he woke up cold and could get warm enough to fall back asleep.

Around 4:30am Jake decided he would be better off hiking so he could stay warm and make miles. He packed up and told Karrie he would meet her at the next lake 6 miles down trail.The sun started rising shortly after he left and he started warming up. He knew hiking alone around dawn would likely result in him seeing more wildlife than normal and stayed well alert to his surrounding. At one point he started singing loudly because he felt like something was off, and a bear ran off down a hill.

At the lake Jake planned on sleeping in the sunlight until Karrie arrived, but he found that Shameless, Peels, and few other thru-hikers had camped here last night and were just now waking up and getting ready to start hiking. He took to socializing and before he even tried to sleep Karrie had caught up to him.

Nice group of ladies gave us Apples and Grapes because they had read "Wild." Then they told us to keep hiking before they asked us too many questions. Maybe that book isn't all bad news! Hiked around Mt. Jefferson. Beautiful views. Got to go glissading! Tried calling Ross, but no luck. Made it to Ollalie Lake totally spent.

The store owner let Karrie in even though they were supposed to be closed and she bought us some tasty treats. Blackbeard made an amazing push to make it to the Olallie Lake store before it closed and he bought us each a soda to celebrate. Then Guts showed up after we had set up camp; we hadn't seen her most of the day so we all caught up.

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