Mile 1501- Sulphur Creek

Hey Mom!

You were involved in our day so much it wouldn't be right not to send you today's postcard!

First of all, we received the package you mailed us today! Thank you so much for sending it to us & for filling it with so many awesome goodies! We ate the entire box of Oreos while we sorted through the rest of the package in the grass next to Ammarati's Market. At one point the sprinkler system turned on forcing Karrie, me, & about 5 other hikers (Mark, David, Brit, Magic Bag, & Gut Feelin) to quickly evacuate the area. It was a hilarious event.

Once the box was sorted we grabbed some breakfast burritos & made our way to the campground where we showered & washed our clothes. Then I called you to catch up for the first time in too long! As we talked I ate a pint of ice cream & picked blackberries that seem to be growing everywhere in this small town.

As Karrie, Gut Feelin, & I sat around waiting for the heat to fade we discussed making something creative for dinner. (The first meal out of town can be different, or heavier than usual because you don't have to carry it very far.) I looked in my bag to see what I had to work with & spotted the salmon packets you had sent us. This of course made me think of your delicious salmon patty recipe. Then I remembered there was a bottle of vegetable oil in the hiker box! All I needed to make salmon patties was a box of crackers from the store!

I called you to make sure I wasn't missing anything critical. Upon hearing I was not I ran into the store to buy crackers & I even talked a nice employee into giving me some free salsa cups! With our new found motivation, we packed up & headed to the trail.

It is always difficult to leave town for obvious reasons. One less obvious reason is that towns are almost always in valleys, & therefore leaving town means you have to haul your fully loaded pack up a mountain... Today was no exception. After about 6 miles of hiking we decided to set up camp & give the salmon patties a try. I'm pleased to report that they were quite tasty & everyone really enjoyed them! It's definitely not a meal that I'd recommend for the woods, but we had fun making it.

Maybe we'll try to figure out how to make a quiche out here next!

Thanks again for all of your support Mom!


Jake & Karrie

11 miles

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