Olallie Lake - Timberline Lodge, 25 miles

After a full day of hiking we made our final push up to Timberline Lodge. We were antsy to finish the day and meet with my cousin Ross, but the sandy climb up the side of Mt. Hood forced us to slow our pace and put a temporary damper on our enthusiasm.

Once at the lodge, we picked up our boxes at the ski store & found Ross. He informed us that there wasn't any camping within 3 miles and the hotel was booked. Luckily Ross had a backup plan. He made a call to Marty, a family friend who lived on the mountain, to ask if we could camp in her yard. She insisted we stay at her place!

On the way down we saw a Lynx! The first I've ever seen outside of a zoo. At Marty's we grabbed showers & chowed down on Ross's amazing stew of local ingredients. The evening was filled with thoughtful conversation, likeminded company, and fun personalities. It was one of my favorite meals of the hike.

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