Dutch Miller Horse Camp - Ford

We left from Dutch Miller Horse Camp on Goldmyer Alternative Route. Yesterday this route kicked our butts, so we were really looking forward to making it back to the PCT. The hike was beautiful but we had to climb up and over a high pass to get there. It really reminded us of the Sierras.

Shortly after making it back to the PCT we began to see familiar faces again. First we ran into Quest and Rapunzel. They warned us about a potentially dangerous river ford that was coming up. All four of us hoped to make it to the crossing while there was enough daylight to asses a safe route.

We soon caught up with Strider and his dad and then found Nugio and his crew of friends setting up camp. They invited us to camp with them. We were tempted; it was a nice campsite and good company. But ultimately we decided to hike on. We still had some daylight and we were set on reaching the crossing about 2 miles ahead.

We arrived at the roaring river just after dusk. The white water cascaded over rocks and boulders. Quest and Rapunzel had arrived just a few minutes ahead of us. We searched high and low for an easy place to hop across, but it was just too wide and too dark to feel good about any of our options. Stuck on this side for the night we looked around for campsites. The trail behind us was cut into the side of a steep mountain with rocky skree piles above and below us for at least a mile back. It was clear, the only flat area was the trail itself.

Tired and option-less we set our sleeping pads in the trail and cowboy camped under the stars. The falling water was so loud I felt like I was camping in the river itself. At first I found the turbulence stressful but eventually it became a soothing background to a solid night's sleep.

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