Mt Adams - Walupt Creek

As a storm rolled in last night we strategically chose a campsite behind Mt. Adams. Ross and Marty taught us about Rain Shadows last week and we figured the mountain may block some of the bad weather coming our way. Well, it totally worked! There were small piles of hail around the edges of our tents, but the tents themselves were completely dry! Jake climbed out of the tent to go to the bathroom in the morning and just as he was unzipping his pants a hunter walked by in front of him. They are everywhere and no matter what the weather today we would be wearing orange. Saw a large camp of hunters set up at the ironically named "Killen Creek." We were hiking around Jack Flash, Clutch, and Panama Red today and they alerted us to the delicious huckleberries lining the trail. It was difficult to balance making miles and free fresh fruit so we tried to teach ourselves how to pick and hike at the same time. It was an addicting challenge and we slowly improved over the course of the day. Jack Flash, Guts, the two of us, and another lady all camped in a small camp site near Walupt Creek. Everyone else had to push on further because there wasn't any more room. We were camped so close together that we were literally sharing tent stakes with Gut Feeling. After dinner we quickly called it a night. A storm was rolling in and the temperature was dropping rapidly.


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