Travel to the White Mountains

Slept well last night, but was still feeling worn out from yesterday’s hike. Today we officially entered New England and it’s my first time here! We drove about 4 hours from our spot in the Adirondacks to the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

On our way out we took a quick detour to Lake Placid to check out the host town for two winter Olympics. We stopped for coffee and caught up on a few internet/real world items.

Karrie drove us through Vermont so I could take in the views.

We made it to the Franconia Notch Visitor’s Center around 3pm and figured out the lay of the forest. Karrie had already been her on her AT hike, but it was good to get our logistics together. Both of us were still feeling worn out from yesterday’s hike so we decided not to start in on our 9 mile loop until tomorrow.

We went to bed early, but were awoken in the middle of the night by a problem bear that walked right through our campsite! Actually, it didn’t wake me up, Karrie did. Saying, “Jake, there’s a bear. Jake… there’s a bear!”

Apparently it moved through our site quickly since we hadn’t left any food out. (Go team!) A few minutes later we heard some people shouting, followed shortly by sporadic horn honking. Sounded like the bear had discovered food about 3 sites down the road. I never actually saw the fella, but Karrie said it was really big for a black bear. Her adrenaline kept her alert awhile longer, I quickly went back to sleep.

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