Mt. Whitney


I hope you had a great day at the land and visiting with the family! I wish I could have been there, but I'm also really glad I was able to call you from the top of Mt Whitney!

Karrie and I have been hyped up about climbing this mountain for weeks now, and after spending a couple days off in Lone Pine staring at it out of our window we were feeling more than ready to hike it. We left our camp around 5am and began to gradually climb. In a few short miles we were above tree line taking in the beauty of Guitar Lake. (I personally think it looks more like cello, but either way it is awesome!)

We filled up our bottles with crystal clear, ice cold, Sierra water and prepared for the trail to get a little more vertical. We moved rather quickly since we were able to leave 80% of our gear at camp, but every once in a while we would have to catch stop to let our lungs catch up with altitude. As the sun came up the views continued to expanded further and further. In the last few miles you can sneak an occasional view of the other side through the saddles of other mountains. The 360 view from the top was incredible. Mountain Peaks extend outward to the North and South and to the East you can see the small town of Lone Pine followed by desert hills and Death Valley.

Karrie and I ate lunch, enjoyed the views, and of course took tons of photos. We also got to see our friends H-Bomb, Baro, Jangles and Mouse, who we hadn't seen for over a month. What a good place for a reunion.

To top the day off, as we were rolling into camp that evening we crossed a lone buck standing in a meadow. It was the first deer we've seen this trip and of course made me think of you. I miss you Pops!


Jake, a.k.a. Jack-y-Bean

(Mount Whitney from Crabtree Meadows, plus 4 PCT miles)

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