Dick's Lake - Richardson Lake

Dear Plugger,

How are you, my good friend? Jake and I are thinking about you a lot out here. Hoping that your leg is healing just fine. We also reminisce about our Tehachapi stay quite often. Ahhh...Red House BBQ...Finger lickin' good! The timing worked out so perfectly! It had been too long since I saw you last, and having you there improved our town time tenfold.

Now it's been a few more months, and Jake and I are more than twice as far down the trail! I don't think we told you, but Jake just recovered from a bout with salmonella that brought our hiking to a halt for a solid week around mile 1100. Not even halfway, Jake malnurished, and me losing my drive, we wondered if we could finish.

BUT TODAY MARKS OUR 3 MONTH ANNIVERSARY OF BEGINNING THE TRAIL! Two more months to go and we're back on trail with new passion!

We rejoined the PCT at mid morning. It felt so great to be reunited with the trail! It's like an old friend now.

We took it easy, and hiked 11 miles to Lake Richardson for dinner. A sweet girl named Gut Feeling and the two of us decided to hop into the warm water, but despite the welcoming temperature it was super mucky. Jake lost a camp shoe and came out dirtier than he went in. I know he wishes our first day back on trail could have been easier.

But we'll be fine! I still can't get over that we've been out here for three months. It feels normal. The trail is beautiful, and the views may not come easy, but they'll just keep coming. I'm so excited about all we'll see in Oregon next.

Stay young, stay fun. We miss you! Dipper & Jack-Y-Bean

11 miles

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