Campbell Hill

Today was day one of our delayed, and extended, honeymoon.

We set off in our gold Chevy, named Appa. No more van. After numerous expensive fixes to the van last Fall a faulty transmittion financially pushed us over the edge, and we reluctantly made the decision to send our too-young-to-be-named van to the scrap yard. The van life was good to us while it lasted, and we hope to return to it someday down the road.

Easing ourselves back in to life outside, we took on Ohio's State High Point, Campbell Hill at 1,550 feet. We already had plans to visit good friends in Columbus, so seeing this hill only add one hour to the drive. After reading some posts about this High Point online we had pretty low expectations. Like Iowa's High Point it was well-marked, privately owned, and you could drive right up to it.

The point was nestled in the campus of the Ohio Hi-Point Career Center near High Point Church of Christ, and High Point Detailing. On a good day, (when the Career Center is open), you can drive within 20 feet of it, on a bad day it might mean parking next to the road and walking in a quarter mile.

Today was a good, but cold day, at 19 degrees. Suffering from a very warm winter,we barely enjoyed five minutes out of the car before our soft selves retreated back inside.

At the point there was an American flag, a plaque, a bench, a brick walk, a register (sadly locked or frozen shut on our visit), a sign with the elevation, a brick monument and a small view.

The spot seemed random, an unlikely home for a monument, but it was still fun. Though we were only a few hours into our trip West, the hill signified the beginning.


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