Panorama Point

Today was our last day of work for the 2015 season! We only worked a half-day so that we could hit the road in the daylight. Karrie and I have been steadily packing up for the last 3 days leaving only a handful of items to load up today.

We started driving around 1:30pm and drove 3 hours to Panorama Point, the highest point in Nebraska. While northern Nebraska has hills and unique rock towers that would make for a more interesting climb the highest elevation in the Cornhusker State is simply located at the corner of the Wyoming and Colorado state lines.

The high point is on private property where they apparently allow buffalo to graze, although we didn’t see any during our visit. Signs warned that we should not leave our vehicle due to risk of being charged by a bison, so we drove all the way to the monument. This was our first “high point” that didn’t require any hiking and it didn’t feel nearly as rewarding.

Never the less, Panorama Point provided us with great wide-open views of golden plains. Blue skies and a setting sun made the space big and beautiful. If the wind wasn’t so strong we may have been tempted to stay longer.

After taking a bunch of photos and signing the register we got back on the road and headed straight north to the Nebraska National Forest (another 3 hours away). Along the drive we saw signs for Scotts Bluff NM and Chimney Rock. We didn’t plan for these stops on this trip and concluded we would definitely need to stop here again someday to check out these sights.

We arrived in Nebraska National Forest well after dark. When we pulled in to Red Cloud Campground there were two guys sitting in a white pick up truck parked near the fee station. They didn’t say anything to us and their presence felt awkward. As we filled out our pay envelope they quickly drove off out of the campground. I was a bit relieved to see them go.

After paying we proceeded forward to find a campsite and it turned out the place was completely empty. Parking at what seemed to be the best spot, we climbed into bed and slept.

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